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More than 30 years after Pastor Jim Whitfield entered the ministry; TBI remains steadfast in carrying out God's purpose of empowering Christians to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Are you ready for what's next? TBI can help you prepare for more effective service in pulpit ministry or as a layperson committed to being a more effective asset to you pastor and the local body of believers. At TBI, our purpose is to play a key role in the end-times revival that will usher in the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. One of the ways we do that is to train the best workers in every area of ministry—from supportive roles in the helps ministry to pulpit ministry—and to send them into the world. TBI will ground you in the practical skills and spiritual disciplines that will equip you for success. You will receive quality study guides and teaching material, a diploma upon completion of your course of study, and the opportunity to become licensed and ordained through Triangle Ministers International. Wherever your purpose takes you, TBI will prepare you to have maximum impact on the world around you.


Triangle Bible Institute was started by Pastor Jim Whitfield in 2001 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The course of study was written by Pastor Jim, in collaboration with other ministers, and experienced pastors. The first class completed the program in 2003. In the next two years (2004 & 2005), opportunities began to open up for the Institute to be taken to other counties, such as the Congo in Africa. Thus began the fulfilling of the vision Pastor Jim was given to “Reach the Nations, Teach the Nations, and Change the Nations”. The program continued to expand with schools in El Salvador and Honduras. In 2015 we began our next big endeavor to open the online school, thereby providing anyone, anywhere, the opportunity to take part in this amazing program.

About Pastor Jim Whitfield

Called by God to teach the Nations, Pastor Jim has a vision to take the gospel to the far corners of the world. He has traveled to the Congo, El Salvador & Honduras as well as in different parts of the United States.

Pastor Jim Whitfield is a 1978 graduate of RHEMA Bible Training Center and is ordained by Kenneth Hagin Ministries. Pastor Jim has pastored in the denominational setting as well as pioneering works in Kansas and North Carolina. Called by God to teach His people faith, Pastor Jim brings the Biblical office of Teacher to this area.

Pastor Jim received a call by God to "Reach the Nations, Teach the Nations, and change the Nations.

Letter From Pastor Jim Whitfield

Hello Everyone,
Pastor Jim here. I greet you in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. I remember will when the Lord called me into the ministry. I talked to different people and tried to get some advice. That’s when I asked the Lord, “Isn’t there some place I can go and just learn the Bible without all the other things that I felt was unnecessary.”

That’s when the Lord spoke to me by what I call an audible voice on a Sunday morning in church and talk me exactly where I needed to go. Following God’s place for our lives has always proved to be productive.

Years ago the Lord directed me also to develop a study course for the many African Pastor living in our area. Little did I know what would develop out of it. Triangle Bible Institute was born out of this vision. The Lord also told me to “reach the nations, teach the nations, and you will be able to change the nations.” In the process of time Central America opened up to my ministry. We have our first graduating class in San Salvador in July of 2015.

But my desire was to make TBI available to every pastor and church who desired it. I knew I would have to make it easy for the pastors and I also wanted to eliminate any competition. But also, I knew that I needed to make it available to anyone who wanted the Bible Institute who was not affiliated with an particular church or denomination. I knew I was to offer it free of charge. Just because it is offered free does not make it cheap.

If you are called of God into the ministry, I can help! I can teach you everything you need to mature in God’s word for the ministry. I can place in your hand at least two years of teaching and preaching material that is Biblically sound in doctrine. I can deposit in you the “Spirit of Faith”.

Starting in June of 2015, anyone who has access to a computer and the internet can begin class with us at TBI and begin their journey. We will help you, teach you, assist you, and make sure you complete successfully. And, at no charge. But pastor, why free? The Lord told me to do so and He always rewards me abundantly!

So start today! I don’t care who you are – you need to be taught. You need a helping hand. A spiritual father told us that he would teach us everything he knew. And he did. That way we could be so much ahead of the game.

So, check us out. Pray about it. If interested, email us at tccbiblecollege@trianglecc.org. We will be glad to assist you. And, welcome to the ministry. May God’s richest and best always be yours,
Pastor Jim